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Comunità Urbane Solidali (CUS)

    In 2010 CRESM  promoted the “Comunità Urbane Solidali” Project (funded by the Fondazione con il Sud). Our proposal was that of re-using abandoned public buildings in which creating “laical spaces” for the production of new cultural practices. We chose an abandoned  former Mental Hospital  and there (with the help of many other partners) organised the first activities:

    • A theatre managed by Piccolo Teatro Patafisico and Teatro Atlante  with the active involvement of immigrants community
    • a counselling centre for ethno psychiatric patients managed by Cooperativa Solidarietà
    • the support to the creation of a Town Council of Immigrants Cultures

    The project gave us also the possibility to promote a Pole of promotion for the potential that can arise from immigrated communities open and integrated in the city net: collection of “migrant know-hows” mapping around green building and green design into what we called the “Migrant Know-Hows Bank”.