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New Factories at Zisa (Palermo)

    Consequently to all our previous initiatives we are now starting with a new challenge (always in Palermo). Again with the support of Fondazione con il Sud, we want now to create a real Pole of professional exchange of knowledge and practices between migrants and Italian people; a place for work, education, promotion and experimentation in which preserve, promote and spread traditional knowledge and techniques, in order to empower business skills in disadvantaged migrant groups. The project called “Nuove Officine alla Zisa”, will allow us to restore another abandoned building (a former furniture factory, 2.000 sq. m.) in the Historical Centre of Palermo, and to devote it for several kind of workshops, an “all-organic/ethnic restaurant” and a documentation centre on handicraft (for didactic purposes). We are now waiting for the last authorizations and for a 13 years loan contract (of the building) from the City Administration. The project has been considered one of the most interesting approaches by the national television program Report-RAI (one of the most influential news programmes in Italy).  We are managing the project together with other partners:

    • Association “Le Vie dei Tesori”
    • Association “Design Zingaro”
    • Cooperativa Solidarietà