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Throughout its history, CRESM has promoted territorial offices throughout southern Italy, accompanying local realities to become autonomous over time. Today, in Sicily, the following locations are active:


In Gibellina the CRESM manage the planning and administration of activities and the management of training projects. Here the CRESM has created the Belìce/EpiCentro della Memoria Vivamuseum, which recounts the regeneration of the Belìce community after the 1968 earthquake.


In Palermo, CRESM promotes various social and cultural initiatives with immigrant schools and communities and hosts, in the Via Gaetano la Loggia 5 site, a small number of asylum seekers, as part of the SPRAR project.


In Castelvetrano, CRESM has created an organic farm on land confiscated from the mafia, Fattoria VitAttiva Bio, in collaboration with various local realities and with the support of Fondazione con il Sud, Fondo Sviluppo, CoopFond and the 8×1000 of the Tavola Valdese. In Castelvetrano CRESM has long animated the Sportello Kore through which has promoted social mediation and scholastic activities and support for victims of violence.